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Why Local, Inclusive Entrepreneurship is the Answer

In cities and towns where the historical employers (industries and companies) no longer exist, there are two choices: build an economy from within and control your own destiny or continue to hope for help from beyond. There are would-be entrepreneurs in every community but they need help to realize their dreams. They need confidence and assistance. They need one-on-one mentoring, specialized expertise (in marketing, accounting legal and more), community engagement and funding.

There are cost effective ways to get would-be local entrepreneurs the assistance they need. There are existing non-profits and government-funded programs (like SCORE, EforAll and others) that are doing good work. I do not intend to start another non-profit. Instead, I have begun to find and meet with the organizations that are working in this arena. I will lend my support -- both operational and financial -- to the best teams and models that I uncover.

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